A look at the Defence news 29 March

News item | 07-04-2021 | 14:21

A video of the Regimental Brass Ensemble of the Grenadiers and Rifles and the Haarlem Choir School marked the start of an important UN conference. This special honour was given to the Netherlands after the cancellation of the UN 75th anniversary concert in New York, which was called off last year due to the corona crisis.

A Belgian F-16.

Belgian F16s deployed for approaching Russian aircraft

Last week, the Royal Netherlands Air Force tactical air control deployed 2 Belgian F16s over the Netherlands. The aircraft awaited 2 Russian TU95s (Bears), which were already being followed by NATO partners, over the North Sea. The Bears approached the Dutch NATO area of responsibility and did not comply with the required identification procedures. Ultimately, the F16s did not need to take action.

Iraqi military personnel pass Dutch marketing course

22 Iraqi military personnel have successfully completed the Military Marketing course in Baghdad. The course, which was given by 2 Dutch officers, is part of the current strategy in Iraq. The main focus of this strategy is on advising, planning and directing operations in the fight against ISIS.



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